Kereru brews British & European style craft beer with the mission to produce fresh and award winning beers made from the finest ingredients. Their beers are vegan and free of chemical preservatives, with their Hops, the low ph of beer and alcohol all remaining natural preservatives. Manufactured under HACCP, Kereru also use New Zealand Gladfield malts and homegrown hops alongside many other New Zealand-sourced ingredients to celebrate the local landscape’s unique qualities and flavours.

Kereru’s traditional beers include a bitter pale ale, an IPA pale ale, stout and a lager. Their range also promotes unique flavours, including a German-style sour beer made with karengo, a golden ale with pohutukawa honey, a brown ale with kumara and a porter with toasted coconut.

Kereru Brewing Company
415a Maidstone Terrace, Maidstone, Upper Hutt, New Zealand, 5018

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